Dehurdled employees are happy employees.
Happy employees are productive employees.

This has been scientifically proven. That the less stress there is in someone’s mind, the better they are at their work. Unfortunately, stress is a part of life. But it all depends on how one deals with it, and how one jumps over the everyday hurdles of life.

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that trusted and invited Dehurdle founder Amit for workshops and talks.

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Participant feedback

"The sessions have given an insight on what happiness actually is and explained how to be balanced in life and how to connect with higher self & feel contented in life."

Heena Khichi Quess Corp

"Biggest takeaway is to not take mental health for granted. A healthy mind can turn a lot of your challenges into manageable tasks. We should work towards giving your mind an exercise too."

Anonymous EXL

"How to integrate mindfulness with visualization techniques and using them together to transform our life and make it a better living experience."

Nawtej Jabbal Quess Corp

"How to face challenges in a positive way, how self awareness can help us in our day to day work."

Nitin Choudhary Agoda